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Stimulate your brain, elevate your consciousness and enhance your wellness with awe-inspiring art from unrivalled creative minds of Haiti.




"My art is my inner. I'm a messenger."

           Authentic Creativity

Enjoy unusual pieces of mindful storytelling fascinating art, explore the soul of gifted artists and let it go!

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From £100, own or offer an original artwork from unrevealed unrivalled emerging artists.

           Artists on the Rise

Our artists surf on the rising wave of the Ethnic art - Outsider art - Mindfulness movements.

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We donate 5% of the profits to local art projects run by artists via AYITI Art Foundation.

 Enrich your life.  Enrich their life.

We unveil from the shadow

the most creative minds and

their most fascinating fine art.

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Makenol Profil is one of our most popular artist, having exhibited his works more than ten times in London (UK).

Makenol is a self-taught artist. He lives in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince (Haiti) with his wife and his three young children.


"One feels pulsing and music in Makenol’s scenes.

His clocks tell us that time is precious.

People connect in relationship, marriage and dance while they are also engaged

in a journey that requires acceptance of danger and the wild nature of life.

Anthropomorphic trees populate his works – cradling the people,

warning them of their limited time, offering transportation and connection.

Trees are symbolic of our roots, our family ties,

Our connection to Nature, and a deep human mythology.

Mostly, Makenol’s work remind us to maintain wonder of our organic world,

our Garden of Eden, and to cherish all we have been given for the time it lasts."

Text by Cindy, Art Collector



Very creative and alive with virtual scenes of life."

Veleta Hayles, Author


"The pictures are wonderful - beautiful, colorful, powerful."

Jonathan Woolfson, Sotheby's

Enchanting. You want to step inside! I've never seen this before."

Julie M., Art collector

Love it! It plays around your mind. So fresh. So unusual."

Francois Leneuf, Art critic

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