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A beautiful collection of works, and a unique array of artists.

Anna Gulyavskaya,

American Visionary Museum


Inspirational Art from Haiti

Discover unusual and authentic works of fine art

from the most creative and talented visionary Haitian artists.

AYITI Gallery

           Affordable Quality Art

From $100, own or offer original artworks, signed and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

           Rising Emerging Artists

Our artists, unrevealed and unrivaled, advance the narrative and the aesthetics of art, and surf on the rise of African art.

AYITI Gallery

          Top Customized Service

Benfit from multiple advantages: payment plan; safe transactions/shipping; 24/7 support; free advice; premium rewards...

AYITI Gallery
Haitian Fine Art
Haitian Art, AYITI Gallery


"I create art like I breathe."

Haitian artist - Gino Tintin
Haitian Fine Art
Alexandre latour horizontal 291215+10~Alex 1000.jpg


"I recall the inside of your soul."

Haitian artist - Makenol Profil
Haitian Fine Art
Haitian Art AYITI Gallery


"My art is my inner. I'm a messenger."

Haitian artist - KAYAVA
Haitian Fine Art


"Art is love. Art is life."

Haitian artist - Jonas Profil
Haitian Art, AYITI Gallery
Haitian Fine Art
Haitian Art, AYITI Gallery
Haitian artist - Nesly Richard


"My art is my legacy."

Haitian Fine Art
Haitian Art, AYITI Gallery


"Art makes what I am."

Levoy Exil - Haitian artist

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Very creative and alive with virtual scenes of life."

Veleta Hayles, Author


"The pictures are wonderful - beautiful, colorful, powerful."

Jonathan Woolfson, Sotheby's

Enchanting. You want to step inside! I've never seen this before."

Julie M., Art collector

Love it! It plays around your mind. So fresh. So unusual."

Francois Leneuf, Art critic

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