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Spark In-House Creativity

Display beautiful thoughtful visuals on your walls.


WHY you should lease art from AYITI Gallery?


Bring life to your office

​Turn your venue into an inspiring workplace.

​We source and supply art inhabited by feelings and mindfulness. The art reflects different visions of the world which changes the atmosphere of your space making it more warm, welcoming and modern, creating a stimulating environment for everyone.

Galvanize your staff

Stimulate creative thinking and in-house debates.

Make your staff feels like home. With inspirational art around them they are happier, become more productive and more attached to your company.


Show your Corporate Spirit

Impress your guests with a fresh and original look.

Display artworks that reflect your ethos, the vibrancy of your space and the aspiration of your staff. Give a new positive and fascinating image to your brand.

Try it.

We handle it.*

We provide a complete bespoke service from survey to installation along with a rotation plan. As a certified social enterprise supporting emerging artists fairly and promoting mindful art we can also discuss the integration of art and its benefits into your CSR strategy.

* Free consultation and survey; No up-front investment; 6-month rotation plan; Affordable price starts from £30/month; Lump sum possible; No hassle (we manage everything).


How your staff would feel being surrounded by beautiful art?

How your clients or customers would perceive your brand?

Would you like us to run a free survey among your staff?

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