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Make a Difference

Your purchase and support help artists transform other's lives through art.


AYITI Art Foundation helps artists conduct local art projects that benefit disadvantaged communities especially children. These artists use art to create positive psychological, social and economic changes, and foster wellness within their communities. Despite their goodwill most don't have sufficient means and appropriate local support to duplicate and sustain their initiatives.

​We commit to give 5% to local art projects run by our artists. So by purchasing a piece of art you indirectly contribute to make a difference in many's life.

Artist Kayava has been running workshops for children for years. His aim is to entertain and inspire the kids, give them the opportunity to develop their imagination and improve their creative skills. During a day, Kayava gets together 50 kids and teaches them basics and advanced drawing techniques. Kayava's ambition is to create a community art center to provide his community and the children a space and a programme for enjoying and learning visual and performing arts.

Highlight project

Children Art Workshops - Haiti


We also collect donations whose full amount is given to the artist to implement existing or new community projects.

With these donations and contributions artists can buy materials (pencils, paints, canvas...) to run their workshops and can provide a meal to the kids during the day.

Donors will be informed about how their money is being used and its impact.

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Do you believe art should be further used to foster the economic and social wellness in disadvantaged communities?

Are you willing to support or partner with AYITI Art Foundation?

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