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Make extra Money Easily

Refer new clients and get 10% commission from every artwork they purchase.


WHY you should promote AYITI Gallery?

Be rewarded

for your loyalty

as an AYITI Gallery

Affiliate Partner

You recommend our platform via your blog, your social media, your magazine or your website by adding our link, promotional banners or press insert. Or you simply recommend us via word of mouth or within your network. We assign you a unique code. Visitors who turn into new customers give us the code to proceed their purchase. They get 5% discount that can be added to any artworks, even those discounted. You get 10% commission on the sale price. Simple! The more clients you refer the more money you make. There is no limit on how much you can earn as long as this is their first purchase on our platform.

* For instance, thanks to you Meghan visits our platform and buys an artwork sold £1,500. You have just earned £150. Magic. And imagine if she buys two! Or more!

Are you an influencer, a networker or a brand ambassador?

Do you want to bring in additional revenues?

Do you share a common ethos?

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