"I create art like I breath."

Born in 1973 | Lives in Haiti

Gino grasped his first pencil in 1990, given by his brother JP Tintin who encouraged his passion for art. Gino has developed his own artistic style after studying anatomy and autopsy of the human body. From this experience came these stringy creatures to highlight the creative world of the Haitian culture where he draws his inspiration. Gino has exhibited in Haiti, France, both North and South America.

"My universe is inhabited with phantasmagorical figures. They reflect the freedom of my thoughts, the deepness of my beliefs. They express my identity, the richness of my culture, the heritage of my fathers. They represent wisdom & love. They reveal the metamorphosis of ideas, of beings, of live, of societies. My art echoes my spirituality. It brings serenity to those who dive into the world and hear the soft melody of these wise creatures."

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