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For those who are conscious that art, mind and tech can transform lives.


WHY you should invest in AYITI Gallery?

We are a


art company

We bring fine art into the modern age by making the art and the vision of the artist alive. We aim to revolutionize the way we enjoy art at home. From their mobile people will now be able to flip thousands of animated art videos from a streaming platform and watch them on a screen hung up on the wall. The traditional flat picture or canvas will be replaced by living art animated only from an original organic painting. Further than that, with VR glasses and video mapping technology, people will immerse themselves into the painting, virtually touch its elements, and connect with the mind of the artist. This is a REVOLUTION. People will live a totally new interactive, entertaining and educative home experience. This is NETFLIX but for art.

We are building a vibrant niche market, profitable and untapped yet. We aim to become the premier marketplace of inspirational art. The art market is booming and there is an opportunity to highlight the works of thousands of talented International artists who currently live out of the mainstream. This new wave of inspirational artists and aspiring masters respond to the growing demand of new art that inspires, educates and stimulates. They echo the rise of the outsider art and the mindfulness movements in search of more authenticity and more enlightenment. As humanity awakens this is the perfect time to open up the market to these artists, reveal the richness of our diversity and inspire the world with new visions.

We are an


art company

We are an


art company

We promote fair trade and social inclusion. We aim to transform the life of thousands worldwide. Through the collaborative economy and our foundation we make a difference. We help isolated artists to find their audience, live and thrive from their art. We support their local art projects that benefit children and disadvantaged communities. The creative sector can be a powerful economic and social lever of change complementary to the charity sector. But it is underexploited and marginalised, benefiting only a few. By encouraging creative entrepreneurs move forward, we promote an alternative economy that benefits the collective and resonates with the new generation of socially responsible people in their quest of a fairer world.

I think what you are trying to do is impressive, and the art is vibrant and passionate."

Stephanie Braun, Karin Weber Gallery

Great project. Very resonant and timely."

Libby Davy, Blogger

"Keep doing what you’re doing. Your vision will spread far."

Yaw Ow-Ny, Blogger

"It’s a very interesting niche market."

Claire Brown, Art consultant

Are you a social, impact or tech investor

who seeks innovative and disruptive solutions

to leverage positive change in society worldwide?

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