"Art is love; Art is life."

Born in 1957 | Lives in Haiti

At 18, Jonas decided to use the money given to him for school to buy art supplies. Since then, interest and appreciation for his art has significantly developed, with a particular focus on his fineness to picture his vision. Jonas depicts a harmonious world, a generous and luxurious Nature, messenger of love, peace and unity. Jonas paints the everyday. The Haitian reality. Jonas has exhibited in a large number of countries.

“Humanity has been created by love. Love is everywhere. Love unites humans. I share my dreamlike vision of the world. Generous Nature, humanised animals, long-necked humans. My art reminds us that we are one. Facing the same experience of living. However so fragile. Spirituality helps us to elevate our consciousness to connect with the creator. To find peace and love. Look deeper into my art. Don’t look down. Look up. There is hope for humanity.”

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