"My art is my inner. I'm a messenger."

Born in 1984 | Lives in Haiti

Kayava has been both spiritually guided and supported by his uncle who gave him his first pencil at the age of 12. Strongly inspired by invisible vibes he depicts a world where the voodoo spirits are brought to life to express and provoke the viewer’s questioning. An up-and-coming Haitian artist, Kayava has been recognised as one of the most talented artists in the Caribbean. Some see in Kayava the new Basquiat.

We live with spirits. They are part of us. They are watching us. I can see them, feel them, talk to them, represent them. They draw the lines, the forms, the colours of my art. Their shadows guide my inspiration. My art reflects the prophecy of the spirits. It expresses deep mystic, utopic, abyssal messages. Through my art I reveal to those who can see the hidden world of my culture and my religion."

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