"My art is my legacy."

Born in 1979 | Lives in Haiti

Nesly is the son of Antilhomme Richard, one of the great figures of the Saint Soleil  movement. Nesly’s paintings are tinted with voodoo and magic. Nesly deploys singular spiritual characters upon the canvas. His style is both bold, like bright suns plunging into purple waters, and whimsical, like brown cow tails swatting away flies. His work is highly demanded.

“I source my inspiration in nature. Always in movement, always regenerating, nature is strength. I observe it, I listen it, I paint it. Nature is alive, full of spirits inhabiting trees, animals, clouds, humans. I invoke them. They show me their world. They represent power and authority over the rivers, fields and natural places. Gods and goddesses of nature appear in my dreams. Mi-humans, mi-animals. Through my art, I share my vision to the world.”

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