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Casting my mind on the timeline earth grid of the 1960’s, I vividly remember the wave of Peace that flowed into the consciousness of mankind, thus setting the scene for the Master Blueprint of Creation to be served.

Flowing through to 1988 a great flurry of excitement reigned for LightWork Creatives acknowledgment that the Harmonic Resonance bringing spirit to matter heralded the dawn of an era that saw completely uncharted territory for mankind to experience.

PAYAS, "Angelic shadow", Oil painting on canvas, 40x50cm, 2014

The new Millennium opened to a plethora of artistic forces that saw people delve into unconscious realities through meditative processes that began healing of conditioned patterns and hereditary dross for their spirit to claim attention to live their best life.

Documentation of historical references to 11th November 2011 – 11.11.11 – the opening of the Stargate Portal of Transcendence to lift mankind into higher vibratory influences came to pass.

A new era was born.

LightWork Creatives found themselves thrust into massive healing vibrations, so that the artistic force they chose to openly express and offer the global community of Art Lovers, Art Collectors and Art Investors was embedded with links of Higher Truth for LIGHT to be the WayShower through the darkness that followed.

YVON LIZAIRE, "The art angel", Acrylic painting on canvas, 40x50cm, 2015

Creatives were inevitably purged through Alchemical processes that saw the beginning of the Golden Age of Aquarius carry powerful opportunities for the new wave of ARTistic force to be held up and revered.

The Global community who are chosen instruments of Divine Will to support Artists whose Light and Inner Wealth is directed to sit on the world stage will be inspired to take action for Business and Art to marry for the betterment of mankind.

Author: Tetka Rhu

CEO EDGIC Fine Art, Luxury & Media Corporation LLC


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