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Inspire the World

Join a new creative marketplace and gallery where inventive artists find their tribe.


WHY you should sell your art with AYITI Gallery?

​We care about

ingenuity, originality and narrative

We don't bother either or not you have a name,

an art diploma or an extensive background.

What counts is your talent and creativity.

​We care about

diversity and inclusivity

We fight the duplication of art and artist.

Your difference is what makes your art

original, beautiful and universal.

​We care about

quality not quantity

We work with artists who are dedicated to an established and mature style. They are

unique, different and unrivalled.

​We care about

fairness and ethics

We believe great artists should be given equal chance and rewarded as it should be no matter your origin, location or marketing capabilities.

​We care about

our common success

We are setting up the path to become the premier online marketplace

for inspirational art.

​We care about

artists and their story

We want our artists to thrive so we strive to connect you with patrons to support your

living and your creative development.

Does your art convey spiritual, mindful, ideological, symbolical messages?

Is your art different, authentic, intuitive, explorative, alive?

Are you influenced or inspired by an invisible force? ​

Send us images of your most inspirational works available.

If successful we will create a profile, promote your work online and offline,

connect with patrons, and build cultural and commercial partnerships.

All for free. We will agree on a negotiated commission on sales

which will be reinvested to increase your exposure and improve our support.

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