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Dive into a Secret Art World

Our mission is to inspire your mind and bring to your home

the beauty and the creativity of Haitian art.

AYITI Gallery is an online gallery specialised in Haitian art

where passionate art lovers looking for authenticity connect with the most inventive artists of Haiti and

their inspirational fine artworks.

We show and sell art that inspires and stimulates; art that transcends reality and unveils new wonderlands; art that makes you feel good and empowered. We are revealing a secret art world, where hidden artists create fascinating works of art. These artists exist beyond the mainstream and come from long-lasting resilient countries and cultures. Most are self-taught artists detached from global influences. So does their art. Different. Rare. Mindful. Meaningful. They represent the new trend and appeal those who seek exclusivity, magic, quality and beauty. They will inspire your life and open your mind to new realms.

All artists in the world don't get the same chance to show and sell their art. Despite their unique talent many face isolation. This is unfair and a huge missed opportunity for all of us. Unlike other art marketplaces, AYITI Gallery doesn't feature artists because of their name, their education, or their communication and financial abilities. We select artists because they are unique for their ingenuity, their originality, their narrative and their potential to advance the discourse of art. We provide them a free online gallery to extend their visibility, connect with patrons and increase their opportunity to make a living from their art. We bring to you the artists of the shadow. You have here the power to transform their life.

We believe that creative minds

from any origin, background location or status should

be supported at their best

to further their imagination,

live and thrive from their art.

The origins of AYITI Gallery

I worked 15-years in the charity industry as humanitarian manager, especially in Haiti where I lived 5 years and survived the earthquake in 2010. There, I have been profoundly charmed and changed by the beauty and the magic of Haitian art which I started to collect. In 2016, I founded AYITI Gallery to share my love for Haitian art and support the practice of Haitian artists. I wanted to contribute personally to change lives in a different way than giving but  through trading. Their art is fresh, inventive and inspirational. I believe this is the kind of art people need nowadays to ease their mind and inspire their day-to-day life. As humanity awakens I trust it is the perfect time to explore this spectacular and still secret art world.

Alexandre Latour - Founder of AYITI Gallery

AYITI Gallery. Haitian art exhibition. Alexandr Latour with M. Edmond Boccit. Haiti.
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