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WHY you should watch AYITI Gallery?

AYITI Gallery is a

new creative platform

where passionate art lovers looking for authenticity connect with the most inventive artists and their inspirational fine artworks.

We show and sell art that inspires and stimulates; art that transcends reality and unveils new wonderlands; art that makes you feel good and empowered. We are revealing a secret art world, where hidden artists create fascinating works of art. These artists exist beyond the mainstream and come from long-lasting resilient countries and cultures. Most are self-taught artists detached from global influences. So does their art. Different. Rare. Mindful. Meaningful. They represent the new trend and appeal those who seek exclusivity, magic, quality and beauty. They will inspire your life and open your mind to new realms.


All artists in the world don't get the same chance to show and sell their art. Despite their unique talent many face isolation. This is unfair and a huge missed opportunity for all of us. Unlike other art marketplaces, AYITI Gallery doesn't feature artists because of their name, their education, or their communication and financial abilities. We select artists because they are unique for their ingenuity, their originality, their narrative and their potential to advance the discourse of art. We provide them a free online gallery to extend their visibility, connect with patrons and increase their opportunity to make a living from their art. We bring to you the artists of the shadow. You have here the power to transform their life.

We believe that creative minds

from any origin, background location or status should

be supported at their best

to further their imagination,

live and thrive from their art.

AYITI Gallery also acts as

an ethical fine art gallery

and works towards the

International recognition

of the most talented artists.

We also champion and financially support some of these artists. Since 2016 AYITI Gallery has collected, consigned and shown with success over 250 Haitian original artworks  in 20 pop-up exhibitions and art fairs in the UK. We have pioneered the introduction of Haitian art in the London art scene and revealed rising and forgotten talents. For now the gallery supports and represents seven artists from Haiti and is working towards their International recognition, advising collectors and corporations to invest in their art.


AYITI Gallery is a certified social art enterprise

respecting ethical values and transparency, and

controlled in the interest of its social mission

which guaranties equitable shares and the

reinvestment of the profits to benefit

new artists and new visions.

Our values:




Our vision is to  build an ethical, inclusive and inspiringl new world  

by connecting the new wave of International inspirational artists

with the new generation of socially responsible people,

and by merging traditional fine art with the new tech

to enrich thousands of lives here and there.


The origins of AYITI Gallery

Working in Haiti as humanitarian manager for several years, I have been profoundly charmed and changed by the beauty and the magic of Haitian art. In 2016, I started to invest in few talented artists to support their practice, nurture their creativity and show their fascinating art. I then became conscious that a more inclusive art market would have a positive resonance on the life of those artists who struggle to live from their art despite their unique talent. I realized that beyond Haiti, there are an infinite number of highly creative artists worldwide isolated from the global market. Their art is fresh, inventive and inspirational. They represent a new market as the demand for new inspiring narrative and visual is growing. Through this platform mindful people can be part of the creative and transformative journey of these genuine artists. As humanity awakens I trust it is the perfect time to explore this spectacular and still secret art world.

Alexandre Latour - Founder of AYITI Gallery

Haitian Fine Art



Despite their undeniable talent and their unique sense of creativity, an infinite number of International artists have limited access to the International art scene. Their geographic location, their economic situation, their anonymity, the absence of art education background, the nonconformity of their art and their disconnection with the art world isolate these artists from the main International art hubs. The art market has become somehow elitist and conservative. It favours artists who have sufficient financial means to show their work, artists who are able or are enough proactive to market themselves online and offline, artists who have pursued art studies, artists who follow trends and respond to the commercial demand of the market, or artists who live in Western countries. It brings artists to compete with one another on an economic basis and rejects a vast majority of talented artists worldwide. It limits the endless variety and originality that International artists could show to the world, it distorts the true meaning that originates from the creation of art, it narrows the notion of art itself influencing the regard, the taste and the decisions of the general public, and it promotes the duplication of art and artists. The art market has created a replicable business model that runs out of steam and seeks new inspiration.


Art is more than a product. It’s a vision, the introspection of a soul, a universal language connecting cultures and individuals together.

Art is an invitation to travel.

We are meant to bring change and explore alternatives to nurture the infinite potential of International art

and the creative vision of Inspirational artists.


We believe in artists first.


We believe in art as an act of self-expression, with no rules, intuitive, expressive, initiatory, meaningful,

and the inner soul as the main driving source of inspiration.


We believe in an art that inspires, instructs and provides emotions to people, that opens minds and mentalities,

that influences practices and principles, that expresses a message, a feeling, a state of consciousness, that transcends a reality.


We believe in equal opportunities for all talented, creative and inspiring artists to show their work worldwide

no matter their origin, their background, their status, their renown or their connection to the art world.


We believe that the renown of an artist be based on his/her talent, originality, creativity,

the aesthetic of his/her work, the deepness and pureness of his/her inspiration;


We believe in new technologies to bring the vision of inspirational artists to life.


We believe in collaboration instead of competition, bringing in diversity into unity,

encouraging the collective rather than the individual.


We believe in more inspirational art in our daily life to stimulate collective consciousness,

taking art out of the traditional art premises.


 @AyitiGallery 2016


Congratulations on the great work you have embraced in edifying Haitian artists."

Tetka Rhu, EDGIC Fine Art

Supporting emerging artists from Haiti is such a good cause."

Samantha Twomey, Art Projects Management Ltd

I think what you are trying to do is impressive, and the art is vibrant and passionate."

Stephanie Braun, Karin Weber Gallery

Your artists merit greater recognition, and you (Alexandre) are the person to do so."

Royal Wharton, Art dealer