"Art makes what I am"

Born in 1944 | Lives in Haiti

A leading figure of the movement Saint Soleil created over 45 years ago, Levoy is an renown Haitian art master. Intense and colorful patterns surrounded by dots and lines "of light", Levoy's paintings are mystical and abstract. They depict the Voodoo Loas Marassa, these derive from Levoy’s African roots and the memory of the Arawak Indians. Levoy has exhibited in nearly 30 countries.

“I reveal the forms, colours and lines of the Loas, figures with slanted eyes and long arms, who guide and protect us. They inspire my art. I depict an invisible world where doves, spirits and stars form a colourful mosaic representing the connection between the real and the spiritual, the fecundity of Nature, the conciliation of the soul and the body. The spirits of  the Sun have entrusted me with a mission. My art highlights the timelessness and the immortality of life.”

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