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WHY you should buy from AYITI Gallery?


Feel Good

​Enjoy the positive effects

of mindful art on your mood.

Our art stimulates the inner experience, inviting you to explore secret and magical wonderlands, awakening your consciousness, easing your well-being and relaxing your mind.

Be Original


Surround yourself and

impress with exclusive quality art.


Our art is different, unusual, unrivalled, barely seen in the global market. Collect the most authentic and inventive artworks of the art world, and be coveted for your art collection.


Invest in Future

Be the early buyer of

likely masters and watch them grow.

We champion artists, boost their career and work towards their International recognition. They reflect the new upcoming trend. As such you will own an asset that will grow in value over years.

Instill Change

Your purchase allows

artists to thrive and help others.

We give a free opportunity to genuine artists who need to be seen to show and sell their work under fair trade principles, and to conduct community art projects through AYITI Art Foundation.


Buy Art with Confidence

We wanted to buy something unique, inventive, personal to us and ensure that we would be supporting talented independent artists. The project provided all of that and more. The gallery is of a wonderfully high standard. Alexandre, the founder, is patient, informed and a trustworthy intermediary. His vision will spread far. We cannot recommend working with AYITI Gallery enough.

Ben and Silvana V., Art collectors


           Affordable Fine Art

From £100, own or offer an original artwork from unrevealed unrivalled emerging artists.

           Flexible Payment Plan

Buy and spread at no-cost the price of the art you love over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months.

           Customer Support

From 24/7 we are here to support you so you can buy and enjoy your new artwork(s) in peace.

           Worldwide Delivery

From UK to USA, France, UAE, China or Brasil, our clients are delivered stress-free everywhere.

           We Are Trusted

Since 2016 we have established strong and sincere relationships with our clients and partners.

           Refund or Swap for Free

If you change your mind within the next 7 days then return your artwork and we will change it or refund it for free.

           Authentic Fine Art

All artworks featured are original and are delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

           Secure Online Payment

Pay online with Paypal or by credit/debit card. Proceed your transactions with AYITI Gallery so you are fully protected.

           Authentic Creativity

Enjoy unusual pieces of mindful storytelling fascinating art, explore the soul of gifted artists and let it go!

We have your back. We take care about shipping and insurance costs. All for free. Because we want you to relax and enjoy your new artwork(s) in the best conditions ever.

* Worldwide shipping and insurance costs are covered when the painting is shipped rolled in a tube and the painting's total size (LxH) is equal or less than 100cm. For sculptures, conditions apply. Customs costs in the country of destination are covered by the buyer.

Enjoy our


Free Shipping


Can we help  find  your art?

Not sure which artwork would fit? Looking for a specific artwork? Willing to start a new collection?

We offer free consultation via email, phone or in person with our founder curator Alexandre. We'll find the artwork(s) and the artists(s) you like according to your mood, your taste, your space and your budget.

Or use our LIVE CHAT

Benefit from Premium Rewards

Because we want you to be +100% satisfied and experience more art to inspire your life and those around you,

we strive to give you the best rewards for your loyalty.

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Make a difference

We donate 5% of the profits to local art projects run by artists under AYITI Art Foundation.

Buy more. Receive more.

Receive 5% discount on your 1st purchase; 10% discount on the 2nd; 15% on the 3rd.

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Spread the word

Follow, share and interact with us regularly on Instagram and receive 5% discount on all art.

Expand your collection

Buy an artwork (over £1,000) every quarter and receive 20% discount.

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Treat yourself with art

We offer you a £50 value gift card to buy your second artwork (over £1,000).

Join our network of patrons

Associate with the rise of emerging artists and expect many in return.

* The accumulation of rewards is subject to discussion.