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Our artists are messengers and healers. They express a state of consciousness that transcends a reality. Intuitive, they speak with their soul and push the boundaries commonly known of the art world. Their creative imagination rooted in their identity has preserved the authenticity of their art and freed them from the western norms. Our creative minds represent the new wave of International inspirational artists that is emerging globally. They respond to the rising demand of new art that inspires, educates and stimulates. They coincide with the global rising movement of mindfulness. They invite us to think deeply, use our senses and discover new visionary realms.

They are emerging from the shadow...

...and reveal to us their secret world.

"Beyond the physical world, we are aware of invisible worlds. We perceive and represent the unseen. We look inside. We use our inner eye. The eye of the soul. We transcend the reality. We have a sacred connection with a living force that inhabits our art. We feel it. It guides our creativity. Our art is a medium to express our feelings, our anger, our love. To open the eyes of the collective and heal it. We have reached a higher state of consciousness. We follow no rules. We have no barriers. Our art is authentic, narrative, and intuitive. It is spiritual, philosophical, and symbolical."


"I recall the inside of your soul."


"I create art like I breathe."


"Art is love. Art is life."


"My art is my legacy."

A beautiful collection of works and a unique array of artists."

Anna Gulyavskaya, American Visionary Museum

I am very impressed with the standard of your artists."

James Bardwell, Art dealer

Some quality artists who give me a deep look into their cultural legacy, existing struggles and search for personal fulfilment."

Alan Freshman, Art consultant

Some of the artists have a great potential."

Joachim Melchers, ARTCO Gallery


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