"From the ashes, art reborn."

Born in 1969 | Lives in Haiti

Hugues studied at the National School of Arts (ENARTS) in Haiti in mid 90’s. Inspired by the Haitian culture and influenced by Fauvism, Hugues has created a phantasmogoric world where angelic creatures divulge the invisible connection existing between all elements. Hugues’ style is unique and spontaneous.

“My art is inspired by the curves of women, by the musical tunes of our life, by the uniqueness of my culture. It reflects what I live, what I feel, what I am. This is my inner. A precious gift. The extension of my world. A surreal world where live pure creatures mingling with clouds in infinite gestures rocked by a sweet melody. My art spurs the sensorial quest. It provides to those who step into my world peace, serenity and liberty.”

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