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The miracle of Haitian Art: 2nd Act

AYITI Gallery has participated and curated 20 pop-up exhibitions and artfairs in London (UK). Since 2016 we have successfully revealed and presented 250 works of geniune Haitian artists. We have been creating a series of exhibitions to bring the soul inhabiting Haitian art alive and guide you to an inspirational voyage that stimulates your mind and your feelings. As we are now expanding to new places and to new International artists we will be doing more inspirational mixed exhibitions and events.

We welcome any proposition to mount a joint exhibition that contributes to reveal genuine artists and advance the discourse of art.

Chapter One:


Selection of Haitian art and mixed exhibitions



A mind stimulating exhibition that reveals the ingenious supra vision of Haitian artists. Through their eyes, you will step into the unseen, the magic, the poetic, the inner creativity of Haiti. Beyond any prejudice, any normality, Haitian artists will offer you a new experience of seeing and living art.



Haitian art has entered into a new era. A new generation of Haitian artists is emerging whose works often embody newer forms and a less escapist vision of the Haitian experience. Their incredible genius and profound expression is coming to light to initiate those who are ready to see.



Despite the adversity, nothing can break the resilience of Haitian art which breathes with beauty, vibrant colours and joy, captivating the heart and soul of Haiti. We explore the secret world of Haitian art, its roots, its inside, the vision of its artists. We reveal the meaning of creation, the one intuitve, narrative, expressive.



Haitian art is a complex tradition, reflecting African roots with strong Indigenous American and European aesthetic and religious influences. We  confront your sense and feelings to understand the energies and perceptions that inform the creation of Haitian art and shape its plurality.



We share similar roots. We feel an intimate inspiration. We have the same vision. We understand the hidden narrative of our art. "Collision of arts"  exhibition collides Visionary artists from different origins to show the common eye and universal spirit that guides the creation of art.

Congratulations for this inspiring initiative. Another tremendous success! Walls packed with talented artists."

Javier Melian, Chrom-Art

"I really enjoyed the colourful art and the warm atmosphere. I could feel the love that you guys put in setting up such a wonderful night and exhibition."

Giulia Bassanese, Journalist

"My mind is full of all the wonderful, distinctive paintings. An unforgettable evening!"

Jillian M., Art collector

Alex you beauty! Not only have you managed to set alight the flame of recognition that Haitian art deserves but you also succinctly explained how it hopefully should be done."

Marc Craig, Psychodoodlz

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