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Collect Different Art


Kayava - Haitian artist

Discover New Talents

We unveil from the shadow the next generation of genuine artists. They are unique, unrivalled and extraordinarily inventive creating beautiful and high quality art. They are dedicated to an established and mature style. They produce good work after good work that may become future masterpieces. Some artists aspire to be the art masters of tomorrow.

Build a Coveted Collection

These artists create rare and exclusive pieces of art. They respond to the rising demand of new, authentic and mindful art. They represent the new wave of creative minds feeding two thriving art markets (Outsider art and Ethnic art - incl. African art and Latin American art) and encouraging new collectors to come in.


Invest in Emerging Art

"Contemporary art is one of the safest market to invest" (Financial Times). As we are present in two booming art markets this creates a general rise in value beneficial for our artists. Along with a series of high-profile promotional initiatives to increase their visibility and their recognition we are offering potential investment returns for those who collect their art now.

Be Part of the Creation

It's not only about art and its aesthetics; it's about the artists, their story, their vision. By being a loyal collector of their work you become one of their patron. In that way you accelerate their career and their rise. The artists become more popular and their art more valuable. As an early buyer, we will associate your name with their success.


Collect the Next Big Thing

AYITI Gallery is the most unique attempt for social and political creation of fine art that I have ever witnessed. The art will not only cause you storms of feelings but will deeply strike you with its message and shape your perspectives not only towards the world but towards yourself. A triumph, a selection of breath-taking masterpieces that should stand among the greatest collections of our time.

Maria Papadopoulou, Art historian

These works appeal to collectors and museums who include African, Cuban and Brazilian works in their collections."

Tamzin Lovell, Sulger-Buel Lovell Gallery

Are you willing to transform your home in a new dream house?

Are you ready to challenge and influence the art market?

Are you looking for art and artists of the next trend?

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