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Enrich their life. Enrich your life.

Be part of the creative and transformative journey of genuine artists.

Despite their remarkable talent and ingenuity, many of our artists struggle to be seen and recognized because they are remote in a distant country, they don't have sufficient financial means to show their work or promote themselves, they have no connections with the art world or their art isn't conform with the commercial trend. This is a huge missed opportunity for them and for all of us. Some survive day after day, searching for alternative incomes to feed and shelter their family because they don't sell enough art. In some cases they can't pay materials to produce their art.

Our goal is to set artists free to create, live and thrive from their art.

We connect great artists

with great people.

We offer you the unique privilege to influence the creative and transformative journey of these artists, change their life and associate your name with their rise as they get more famous thanks to your support. You will join our club of conscious patrons for free and access exclusive artworks with a 20% discount. You will inspire your life and everyone around you with unusual and unrivalled art, being coveted for your collection, owner of a tangible asset that will grow in value. You will impress  your friends with a notable mission. You will discover different cultures full of hidden treasures and wonders enriching your knowledge and your consciousness. You will have the possibility to visit them in their own studio and country, or invite them to share their passion and their vision.

You choose how you want to support them:

1. Introduce the artist to your network to leverage cultural and commercial partnership opportunities.

2. Buy or commission the works of the artist on regular basis.

3. Fund some costs of the artist like studio, courses, exhibitions, residencies, marketing, publications.

Be an inspiration.

Be part of the creation.

They will change your life.

Your support makes a huge difference for many emerging artists, especially those who live in marginalised or stigmatised countries. It helps them to feed and shelter their family, send their children to school, receive adequat medical care or support their communities. They can then peacefully focus on their art, explore further their imagination, experiment and challenge themselves. Their work receives more interest and more attraction which improves their independency, their International recognition and the rise of their value. While you have transformed the life of the artist, and his/her family and community, your early investment may become fruitful after few years.

Are you looking for more

originality, diversity and equity in our world?

Do you want to mix art and social investment?

Do you believe in the creative potential of human beings?

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